Seeing Something Unique and Beautiful in Ordinary Things

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I travel around the world to experience the many wonderful things that it has to offer. I go to famous tourist spots, and I also go to places that people think have nothing unique and wonderful to offer because they are just places full of tall buildings and all that ordinary urban feel that are common even in movies. People think that just because it is an ordinary city, there is nothing worth visiting in it.

Given how unpredictable things could be, people should know that there are still some things that you can enjoy even when you go visit the most common looking places.

Hence, when you go to a place where tourists don’t frequent, and you go in search for something unique and wonderful that the place has to offer, chances are even higher that you could find something unique, because it has not been commercialized or publicly spoken about. Simply put, sometimes, the most obscure or hidden places are the real pearls of destinations.

Appreciating the world is not just about appreciating nature and places and food. It also means seeing the beauty of the people. Even when a place is not famous, but the people are very wonderful and warm, then it should be a fun place to visit, still. They may not have pyramids or an ancient palace, but having warm people makes it as beautiful and tourist attractive as any other place could possibly be.

Simple pleasures in life are important for one to appreciate that there is so much more than what is publicly appreciated. Sometimes, people forget the people and things behind the big picture. Kind of like how we forget the producers and people behind a movie, because we only remember the actors. Kind of like how we forget the co-pilot of the pilot. Also just as much as we miss out on the importance of the drummer because we are too busy praising the vocalist.

Another example is on how we miss out on applauding and taking time to appreciate the benefits of the internet. We use it so commonly in our everyday lives that we tend to overlook just how big a help it has given us. It feels so natural and it feels like the internet has always been there that at times, we forget to take the time to see how far it has helped us.

We can only appreciate it when, for a moment or so, we suddenly lose internet connection. Realization of its importance only comes when we were deprived of it. Once the person sees the importance, that will be the only time that one does whatever means necessary in order to make sure that it disconnection never happens again.

This is also the reason why I decided to hire and invest in the hosted PBX system. Broadconnect is one of the most credible companies that guarantee good service when it comes to online communication, and it uses the internet for its services, making all kinds of calls free. I made this “security” by availing their services when I started earning online. A single hour without the internet can already cost me so much, so I make sure that I don’t lose it as much as possible.

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I am not saying it;s wrong to forget to value the little things. I am not saying it is wrong to look at the big picture and appreciate what you see. My point is just that, if we take the time to provide even just a little time for the things that are not easily seen out front, we can find little treasures that offer even more than what the famous ones could offer.

Importance of Hiring Reputable Real Estate Agents in Anniston To Help Writers Choose A Perfect Home

Being an author is a rewarding job for you will be able to influence other people’s lives through creative writing. However, being an author does have obstacles too and one of which is how to get started. Writing is a self-thought art and for you to become successful you should make it a habit to write whenever you get the chance.

Your mood affects your ability to write. For you to become an efficient writer, you should determine the time of the day when you are most productive and motivated. If you are a morning person, then you should set a few hours for writing. The same thing goes for night owl. Aside from the time of the day, you should also consider the condition of the environment. An author is most productive when the environment is quiet and conducive for writing.

You should also consider your location. Some authors are productive when they are inside their home while others express themselves well through writing when they are at the coffee shop or office. You should also determine the number of hours you can devote to writing. Some writers have a short attention span while others become too deeply involved and forgot that they have other important things to attend too.

The writing materials matter too. There are writers who write well using notebooks. However, in today’s modern times many writers prefer to use a computer. If you are a computer savvy, then you are most likely comfortable using a computer than a traditional pen and notebook. Some authors use voice recording to record their thoughts and transcribe them later on. At the end of the day, you have to determine what works best for you because only then you will be able to come up with a productive result.

I know someone who is a successful author and one factor that keeps her motivated is her place. She has a condo where she spends a few hours a day to gather her thoughts and put them into writing. Now, if you want to become a successful author, then I suggest you find a place where you can consider an escape from everything. Try to contact a real estate agent Anniston for you to know what your available options are. There is one reputable place to start – The Joey Crews Team. This is a team of professional and well-respected real estate agents in the Calhoun area.

Sometimes it is not really the physical structure of the place, but the ambiance that will inspire and keep you motivated to write.

My Trip to Orange Beach Alabama w/ travel tips

At the furthest point south there is a little known vacation spot that few people know about outside of the southern states surrounding it. While on a business trip to Orange Beach in Alabama I discovered that the best beaches aren’t only in Florida. It didn’t take me long to find out that this was a really great place to kick back and relax. 

The Alabama beach line isn’t very long. If you exclude Mobile the beach stretches from Fort Morgan to Florabama at the state line. That whole area in between is filled with some of the best seafood and luxury beachfront condominiums in the area. During my stay I found that Florida has been the name everybody thinks of when they think beach vacation or spring break. You might have heard of Panama City. It’s because of this that Florida cities have become more run down from the wear and tear that thousands of 18 year olds can inflict. I’m going to share a secret with you. Orange beach and Gulf Shores are basically right next door and are virtually unknown to the spring breakers. This stretch of beach is more family oriented, clean, and classy. If you have kids and just want to relax this is the place. 

Normally I take about two trips a month building a future for my business. I have seen a lot of great places and every once in a while I can talk my wife into going along. I’m not sure why but I didn’t really have to talk her into this one. She started packing as soon as I said beach. 

We arrived at our condo in Orange Beach on Saturday and it seemed pretty calm. We notice on the way down that there were tons of people going the same way that we were. We drove down through Pensacola and were caught up in a bottleneck for about fifteen miles. That last stretch took us about an hour because traffic was only moving about ten miles an hour. 

Apparently condos are rented in weekly cycles from Saturday to Saturday. Everybody comes in at the same time and the weekends can be pretty insane. You can tell when the house people come in on the weekend. Lines at the restaurant lines double in size. If you want to avoid the big weekend crowds come during the week. 

The Best Condo in Orange Beach

There are many different kinds of condos and what is best for you may not be the best for someone else. We stayed at The Turquoise Place for 3 nights and loved every minute of it. Some people want to stay in a place that is nice but won’t break the bank. Lei Lani is mostly owned by people just like you and me. They rent out their condos in week blocks for a decent price and the condos are really pretty nice. If you look around enough you will find something that is perfect for you and your budget. Here’s a helpful tip for you: look on and find a condo that looks good to you. Then google the name and condo number and read the reviews for that condo on other sites. You can get a ton of good info this way. 

Best Place to Eat in Orange Beach

While we were in Orange Beach we heard about a place the locals like to go called Docs. We decided to go ahead and try it and boy were we glad we did. The food was superb. The only thing that we didn’t like so much was how worn out and dirty it looked. We went at 5:30 and that was a mistake. 

Here’s a helpful hint for eating out when you’re at the beach: Be at the restaurant at 4 or 430 and you will get a table right away. Wait later than that and you will wait at least an hour. 

For our second night at the beach we chose to eat at Cobalt which is right next to Perdido Pass. It has an awesome view and even better food. It was our favorite of the trip. I surprised my wife with a Sound Wave Bracelet which would mean nothing to most but she is a music teacher and loved it. It was very special to her. On our third night we went to The Hangout and wished that we hadn’t. That was awful. The music was way too loud and there was just way too much going on. Oh and the parking was terrible too. The Hangout is definitely not recommended. Gulf shores has great places to eat as well. If you decide to take the short drive over to Gulf Shores I recommend stopping at The Oyster House. The food is fantastic!

Fun things to do in Orange Beach 

This might sound childish but my wife and I took a dolphin cruise after dinner at the Cobalt. We chartered a boat that a fellow writer had recommended. He told us that they had taken their two year old son for a cruise. When they arrived for the cruise they found that they were the only ones. The owner, Captain Bart and his wife, took them out even though they were the only customers. Captain Bart knew he wasn’t going to make enough to even cover the gas cost but he took them anyway. He even let their son sit in the Captains seat and pretend he was driving. Captain Bart, if you read this, Steven Luke says thanks for the experience. You can visit their website by clicking this link: The Best Dolphin Cruise in Orange Beach

There are many things that you can do at the beach that we didn’t do. You can rent a boat or a pontoon boat that has water slides if you want. You can parasail if you have a death wish. I would like to do some deep sea fishing next time we go. We will be going back. There is much more to do but not enough time to cover everything. Go explore!


There are only three ways into the area. Through Pensacola, through Gulf Shores, or across the new toll bridge in Gulf Shores. The toll bridge is much faster, but will cost you a few bucks. That’s what I recommend doing. 

Over all our entire trip was really good. I didn’t have enough time to write in as much detail as I would like, but I do plan on continuing later on. I have more tips that will make your stay more pleasant, and if there is something that I didn’t mention here please put it in the comments below.

Meeting Inspiring People Through Writing

Another Reason To Love Writing – Meeting Inspiring People

I belong to a family of writers. My grandfather was a journalist of a local newspaper. My mother is a senior writer of a home magazine. The sound of a typewriter has always been part of our home’s ambience.

There were times when my mother brought me along to her work. I had always thought of her as one of those women who typically wears corporate clothes and stay in the office for a long day. But I discovered that her job as a magazine writer involved a lot of field work. Her work entailed going to nice homes, interviewing the owners and creating content about their homes. I’ve seen different styles of old and modern homes. House designs and home gardens became my obsession.

Every trip to a stranger’s home with my mom has been memorable and unique. One day, she asked me to come with her to visit an old Scandinavian-styled home in a rural place. She was asked by her boss to do an interview with a woman who owned the most stylish old house in the place. The idea made me excited for days. The scheduled day had arrived. It was a 7-hour travel from our city to Atlanta, Georgia, where the interview will be done. We rode along with two other crews and a driver. When we arrived in the place, we expected for a fine weather. But we were welcomed by heavy rains and cold winds. I didn’t see any worried gestures from my mother. She’s always been a calm person. We hustled through the muddy streets heading to the old house.

When we arrived at the house, an old woman on her early 80’s warmly greeted us on her porch. She was energetic and hospitable. She apologized for the inconvenience caused by an unfriendly weather. We were toured around the nice two-storey house. Seeing how organized her home was, I knew that the old woman had a keen eye for aesthetics just like my mom.

Mother did her interview with the owner in the family’s dining place. The old woman started conversing about how she and her husband got the place and how they accumulated the beautiful furniture and accessories of the house. Until she went on sharing how the house was rebuilt and transformed after it was devastated by the strongest typhoon which hit the state ten years ago. It was also when she lost her husband. The typhoon took away what’s been dear to her, her home and her husband. She was teary-eyed when recalling the tragic experience.

She imagined how everything she earned for years had gone in one day. The water damage had cost her huge amount from their retirement savings. However, through the help of her children, especially her son, Jon, she was able to rebuild the house slowly.

Among all her children, she shares that Jon was the one who made it possible for the house to even be saved. Jon has been known to help people, especially those who experience water damage problems. This is evident in the website that he has put up – MyWebPal. He talks about how to help people understand, prevent, and remedy water damage issues that all people are bound to encounter, one way or another.

She may not understand the entire concept of all that online stuff, but she understands that her son is able to help other people, and that knowledge alone is enough for her and makes her proud of him and all her children. She owe them the existence of the beautiful house she lives in today.

It must have been so hard for her to reminisce on such event. However, my mom saw in the old woman’s eyes the gleam of hopefulness, strength and gratefulness about life. My mom as a writer have seen many homes and heard different stories from people. But it is this home in Atlanta which is the most unforgettable.

iPhone Unlock: What You Need To Know

What It Really Means To Unlock iPhone Gadgets

To unlock iPhone gadgets can be costly, that is why it is best to make sure that once you strike a deal with a company to unlock your iPhone, you best be critical about it.

I had a recent chat with a friend who loves technology and her iPhone. She always makes it a point to blog about her new gadgets, not just because she wants to impress readers on how she could afford expensive new tech, but because she herself sometimes becomes a victim of different scams and fraudulent activities that supposedly involve new ways of “improving” gadgets for “free.”

As a means of imparting the lessons she had to learn the hard way, she would blog about it and inform as much people as she can. She believes that the more she talks about her gadgets and experiences, the more people can be informed.

The latest encounter she had was when she came across a site that offered to unlock iPhone networks. She was ecstatic, because she has been planning to switch service provider, but her iPhone 4 is “locked,” therefore, she can’t  actually change provider that easily.

The site that claims to unlock iPhone gadgets  offer a “cheaper” price. Her desire to have her phone unlocked overpowered her capability to review everything first before jumping into the deal.

So, she had her phone undergo the process for iPhone unlocking and just waited. When she got it back, it was working fine at first. Until after 3 days, the phone won’t recognize her new number. Apparently, the “experts” who unlocked her phone, did not do a very good job. When she tried to complain, they just told her that she’ll have to pay the fee again if she wants the work re-done.

In the end, the encounter was a waste of money. She was so hooked and happy because it was cheaper, only to end up spending for nothing, which is worse than spending more for a better service.

To comfort her from the awful feeling of being scammed, I gave her a link to a site that list iPhone unlocking experts who could actually get the job done right. She chose one that the blog rated the highest, and after a couple of days, she got her iPhone back, no more problems.

When you are in the Internet and you search for legitimate services, it is very difficult to directly put your faith in the first page that pops out the search. There are lots of ways to get people to believe that a site is legitimate and there is no stopping their capacity to do that. What we can do is be more vigilant about it, which my friend had to learn the hard way.

Her story is already up on her blog and a lot of people who came across it are thanking her for warning fellow internet users, as well as for providing the same link I gave her.

Hopefully, more people become more wary about who to trust in the internet, and to be more responsible when it comes to handling gadgets. These things do not come cheap, and it would be such a waste of resources to ruin your gadget because of bad investment.

5 Tips For Successful Business Travel

5 Tips For Successful Business Travel

Being a business writer/reporter, my work regularly involves travelling to various commercial hubs around the globe to cover various happenings in the business/finance sector. Like many other authors and speakers, I get more than my share of planes and runways.

Here are my top five tips for a successful business trip to any corner of the world – youíll find that they are quite universal, because at the end of the day, it is travel after all.

Tip #1: Be germ proof

sink-400276_640Air planes can be a nexus for viruses and bacteria, but you can stop the germs dead in their tracks with just an ounce of protection. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy along with a Bacitracin tube. After you have sanitized your hands, dab a small amount of Bacitracin on your finger, using it to coat the inside of both nostrils. This is a physician recommended way to ward off germ invasions.

Tip #2: Eat sensibly

Iíve got three rules for eating at airports. First off, see where the airline staff e.g. pilots, attendants, etc. are dining and follow their lead. Secondly, opt for protein instead of carbs since they take longer for your body to digest and burn, and so will keep you full longer. Thirdly, always prefer bottled water over beverages such as soda and alcoholic drinks.

Tip #3: Stay linked

For people who travel quite a bit, and have to use their laptops along the way, Iíll recommend a USB wireless broadband modem. Having used it myself, I can vouch for its effectiveness. You wonít have to deal with the hassle of finding WiFi connectivity and user credentials at every stop. The wireless modem can run off any cell phone signal so you can use it anywhere while incurring only a monthly fee. It might be expensive as compared to regular WiFi hotspots, but it is definitely the more convenient option.

Tip #4: How to beat jet lag

plane-841441_640To combat the fatigue that comes from long distance travel across multiple time zones, youíll need to focus on three things, time, food and light:

  • Time: Make your body think that youíre in your destinationís time zone by setting your watch to its time as soon as you get on the plane. Try to catch some sleep if it will be night time at your destination.
  • Food: Consume less, if they offer you food, eat only half of what youíre served. It is a much better idea to eat a full meal at your destination.
  • Light: Even if youíre super fatigued when you land, donít snooze off until it gets dark. Watch a movie to stay awake. But if itís dark when you land, go to sleep even if you donít feel tired.

Tip #5: Enjoy as you go

But with all your business related travel, you may forget the sense of adventure and thrill normally associated with travelling. Iím a senior business author so Iím not bound by a company policy to get in, get the work done and get out ASAP; I avail this freedom to occasionally explore the places I visit – if the place Iím going is famous for its bike trails, Iíll stay a day or two extra and get myself recharged with some exercise and fresh air. This doubles as a vacation for me since my job doesnít leave much room for dedicated leisure trips around the globe! Even if you canít do this, try to find some time from your trip to explore the local sights and sounds so your mind is refreshed and ready for serious work.

How My Gout Attack Led Me To Avail Funeral Insurance

I Now Have Funeral Insurance, Thanks To My Sudden Gout Attack

As I read back on my choice of title for this article, I am enlightened that it has, by far, the scariest title, among all my blog post.

What can I say? A scared soul holds nothing in and lets everything out.

So, I was in my usual “in-the-zone” moment, staring into walls and suddenly typing whatever pops into my brain. This is how I start off on writing a new story for a book. I just let it flow and just space out from my reality, and enter another world, purely made up of my imagination.

Even A Gout Attack Can Make You Wish You Have Funeral Insurance
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Suddenly, felt pain in my knuckles. I have been feeling that sensation for quite some time already, and I thought it was just fatigue. However, that particular moment, the pain just seared through and it was unbearable for a moment.

Then for the next hour, the pain would come and go like an indecisive woman. I just could not handle it anymore that I went to see a a doctor.

Turns out, I had gout. Yes, Gout.

I did my little research and here are a few things I found out:

Gout comes from the Latin and old French words gutta and gote respectively, both meaning “drop”. This etymology does not run far from what gout is. Gout is the “dropping” of uric acid deposits into the joints of the body as they circulate through the blood. When these deposits accumulate into a significant amount and forms needle-like structures called urates, gout attacks start and the pain begins.

Most of the time, the first attack of gout happens in the joint of the big toe. However, these attacks can occur in all other jointed areas of the body, including the ankles, the knees, the elbows, the fingers, the heels, the wrist and even the pelvic area for severe cases.

As I dig deeper, finding out causes of gout and how I could prevent it in the future, I came across a study on its mortality rate, and I just got scared.

I know there are a lot of things that can cause death, but for some reason, my kind of gout, as diagnosed by my doctor, just seemed too scary for other regular gouts. Add the fact that it rarely occurs on women, yet it occurred to me.

In that spur of the moment, scared for my life, I ended up from browsing gout to browsing on insurances, so that I can have options to compare health insurance policies with.

I got into websites like and, searching for the health insurance that does not spell “scam” across their terms and fine prints. I finally got into Aussie Insurance Critic, where their name and reputation as insurance critics, has made them all the more favorable candidate for claiming insurances.

I called them, I inquired, and ended up availing all kinds of insurances for very reasonable rates, including funeral insurance.

You all might think it’s funny how things escalated rather quickly, but I know I won’t be laughing in the long run when all of it pays off for me.

I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I recommend you do the same. Especially if you have been having gout, or any other form of illness for that matter. Because I tell you, starting your preparations now for a shakedown with future illnesses is a great advantage.

How Technology Helps in Cleaning Homes

imagesThere are next best things to a self-cleaning house that may help you do your job easily. These things are all powered up with the latest technology could offer and they will definitely make everything easy. Although these things will make your life easier, there might be a need for you to maintain it well to make these technology work at its best. There are self-propelling housecleaners offered today that will provide everything you need in cleaning your house. These housecleaners are iRobot and Neato. These cleaners will make your home free from dust and dirt and you can live a comfortable life with it.

iRobot’s Roomba cleaner is now recognized to be one of the best housecleaners today in the market. It revolutionized its power to automatically clean your house with the controls you provide it. It is now the number one automatic technology in the cleaning industry. Such device can clean from one room to another no matter how little this device is. It can vacuum different walls, floors, carpets and even walls in just few minutes.

As year goes by, it becomes more and more powerful and light to use. The device is known to contain enough amount of dust in the bag for you to maximize its job to clean the house. This is one of the technology that can clean your house, however, there are ways in cleaning your home without the need of technology and that is doing the work in maintaining water source of your home.

images (1)Problems in the water source of the house need much focus because if the problem doesn’t go away, it can further damage your home. Problems of water leaking is a big stress because it can increase the amount you pay on your water bill and it can also ruin some parts of your house. Believe it or not, it can also create further danger in your home through simple slips and falls because of the water leaking inside your home. Getting the right plumber is the best thing that you must do to avoid such damage. Do not wait until you get your things damaged or even risk your lives in getting accidents because of the water leaking inside your homes.

Cleaning your homes is a must and you must always remember to put this number one in your list to have a clean and comfortable life.

Saving Money On Home Phone Bills


In a recent post I wrote about some of my first impressions on VOIP and I just want to provide a quick update on some of my findings and the technical set-up I have. One of the first questions I often get asked is why I still use a home phone when cell phone plans have become so cheap? The answer is quite simple; I make quite a few long distance and international calls to friends and family, and those types of calls are quite expensive from a cell phone.

In addition to that, I use the home phone for some business and work related calls and where I live the cell phone reception can be a little bit volatile. I find it very unprofessional when phone line connections are really bad and I do not want to risk losing potential customers. So, for those purposes the good old fashioned phone line is still a good option.

But as I previously mentioned, my phone bills for the home phone fluctuated a lot and I was never really sure what countries were cheap to call and what time were best. That is one of the main reasons I chose to switch to a VOIP service after having already signed up for a hosted PBX.

My set up was pretty simple and only required a few simple things. First off, I needed a VOIP adapter which would serve as the bridge between my phone and the VOIP provider. There are many available and for less than $40 you can get a pretty basic one. That is all I really needed as I do not have a lot of phones, nor do I need to set up multiple different service providers.

The bigger problem was choosing from the hundreds of VOIP providers out there. I literally mean that there are so many to choose from it is ridiculous. So, I didn’t go for the absolute cheapest service as I still wanted to maintain a reliable connection. You can also compare providers to see which types of calls work out cheaper. In my case I went through my old phone bills and checked which destinations I called the most.

This took a bit of time, but I managed to find a provider with a good reputation and decent independent reviews. I felt great that I finally had a 21st century communications system, until I made my first call.

My old and trusted Panasonic phone turned out to be just that: very old looking. With some quick research into cordless phone reviews I decided to spend another $70 for a new high tech Bluetooth cordless phone. It has the latest in Bluetooth technology and allows me to sync up with my cell phone.

Not only did this save me time of transferring phone numbers to the home phone, but I can also answer my cell phone calls on the new cordless one. How cool is that?!?!

As for the overall savings it is still very early, but I can tell you that I will be saving a lot. My average monthly phone bill was about $90 on the old system and after the first week I haven’t even spent $10. I would say that within about 2 months the whole switch will have paid for itself and I’m absolutely delighted.

Breaking the Addiction That Almost Broke Me

As 2016 approaches, technology has forever changed how we live. Whether it is learning how to cook lasagna or to just book that dream vacation you’ve always wanted, technology has blessed us with new ways of fulfilling these dreams.

If you’re a smoker looking to quit (like I have been for the past 4 years), you probably know of the various methods out there to help you quit. Some examples would be the nicotine patches, the nicotine gum or just going cold turkey. And you already know most of these methods donít work. This is where technology comes in. As technology advances so has the methods to help you kick the habit, and I’m here to show you a few new ways to do so. I know this is a little off topic but it is something that really interests me because of the struggles I’ve had with quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes

PBox_BlacksmithE-cig, or some may call it electronic cigarettes are shaped to look like a real analog cigarette and simulate actual smoke, but with e-cig, its called vapor. The e-cig will heat up a liquid, which most calls it e-liquid or e-juice, and will turn in to vapor. Within these liquid contains nicotine, the substance that smokers are addicted too. The good part of using these devices compared to real cigarette is that the†smoker will not be subjected to all the harmful chemicals produced by cigarette smoke as most eliquids only contains 4 types of chemicals compared to 4000 of analog cigarettes.

Online Fourms

Forums found online which talks about the a specific topics with people from all over the world. Forums have become the top mediums for anyone who are looking to interact with people who have a common interest.

Trying to quit smoking is one of the biggest topics you can find. There are tons of forums out there for anyone who are looking for some help. Many forums have many sections a person can start looking in. For example if you are a first timer, trying to quite, but not sure how to start they will have a section for that. Also if you have already tried everything, and still need more help, they will have a section for that as well. The good part about these forums is that everyone is working towards the same goal.


Yes I said lasers. With the advances of technology, they have found a way to use lasers to target acupuncture points on a person’s body that is directly related to metabolism and stress. Like those who are treated for pain, the laser is pointed to a person’s face, wrist and hands, aiming to help relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Many who have used that say, they only need one session to help them quit smoking for good. The technology is still very new, but it sure is worth a try.

There are tons of other ways to quit smoking, but these are some I recommend, and methods you can use in a combination with each other to help. I know there is really no quick fix, but if you work hard at it, for sure you’ll succeed, as I finally did!

The Day When I Switched – My First Impressions of VOIP

Back in the old days, the traditional telephone systems ruled the communications industry, Back then, people would go to telephone booth in order to call someone, whether it be domestic or international. Nowadays, the old telephone systems are now challenged by a new technology within the communications sector that is called VOIP. VOIP, otherwise known as Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a new system designed to carry voice data over the Internet. This means that people can now call people through the Internet. So if ever you are planning on getting a VOIP line, make sure that you do have s very reliable internet connection in you There are a lot of VOIP companies out there that can help you install and maintain your VOIP line.

One of the best factors with VOIP is that It is definitely affordable when compared with the rates given by the traditional company.It is definitely cheaper because it goes through the Internet line. People also believe that since it goes through a DSL line, it is more reliable. I had the chance to own a VOIP service when I ordered a VOIP line for my business.

I have to admit that the old PBX telephone system is no longer as reliable as it was years ago. Whenever I check my phone bills, I noticed a lot of issues with long distance calls and phone charges that I was not aware of. Of course, I could easily point these phone charges towards my teenage son and daughter, but when I saw the charges, there is no way that a phone call to a neighbor a couple of blocks away from your house can charge that much! So after a discussion with the wife and a few headache-inducing calls to my old telephone company because of SIP trunking repair, I finally decided to get a VOIP system.

It was weird at first to start using a new phone system. There were a lot of instructions to check and you need to constantly check your Internet because once the modem turns off or if the Internet connection gets cut off, your VOIP phone line shuts down as well. Since my son is a constant consumer of Internet bandwidth (because of all the movies and games he downloads), I always have to remind him slow down the Internet usage for better phone quality with my VOIP service. Perhaps when the time comes, I may have to upgrade my current Internet package if I want my VOIP system to keep working without interruptions!