5 Tips For Successful Business Travel

Being a business writer/reporter, my work regularly involves travelling to various commercial hubs around the globe to cover various happenings in the business/finance sector. Like many other authors and speakers, I get more than my share of planes and runways.

Here are my top five tips for a successful business trip to any corner of the world – youíll find that they are quite universal, because at the end of the day, it is travel after all.

Tip #1: Be germ proof

sink-400276_640Air planes can be a nexus for viruses and bacteria, but you can stop the germs dead in their tracks with just an ounce of protection. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy along with a Bacitracin tube. After you have sanitized your hands, dab a small amount of Bacitracin on your finger, using it to coat the inside of both nostrils. This is a physician recommended way to ward off germ invasions.

Tip #2: Eat sensibly

I’ve got three rules for eating at airports. First off, see where the airline staff e.g. pilots, attendants, etc. are dining and follow their lead. Secondly, opt for protein instead of carbs since they take longer for your body to digest and burn, and so will keep you full longer. Thirdly, always prefer bottled water over beverages such as soda and alcoholic drinks.

Tip #3: Stay linked

For people who travel quite a bit, and have to use their laptops along the way, Iíll recommend a USB wireless broadband modem. Having used it myself, I can vouch for its effectiveness. You wonít have to deal with the hassle of finding WiFi connectivity and user credentials at every stop. The wireless modem can run off any cell phone signal so you can use it anywhere while incurring only a monthly fee. It might be expensive as compared to regular WiFi hotspots, but it is definitely the more convenient option.

Tip #4: How to beat jet lag

plane-841441_640To combat the fatigue that comes from long distance travel across multiple time zones, youíll need to focus on three things, time, food and light:

  • Time: Make your body think that youíre in your destinationís time zone by setting your watch to its time as soon as you get on the plane. Try to catch some sleep if it will be night time at your destination.
  • Food: Consume less, if they offer you food, eat only half of what youíre served. It is a much better idea to eat a full meal at your destination.
  • Light: Even if youíre super fatigued when you land, donít snooze off until it gets dark. Watch a movie to stay awake. But if itís dark when you land, go to sleep even if you donít feel tired.

Tip #5: Enjoy as you go

But with all your business related travel, you may forget the sense of adventure and thrill normally associated with travelling. Iím a senior business author so Iím not bound by a company policy to get in, get the work done and get out ASAP; I avail this freedom to occasionally explore the places I visit – if the place Iím going is famous for its bike trails, Iíll stay a day or two extra and get myself recharged with some exercise and fresh air. This doubles as a vacation for me since my job doesnít leave much room for dedicated leisure trips around the globe! Even if you canít do this, try to find some time from your trip to explore the local sights and sounds so your mind is refreshed and ready for serious work.

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