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Hello. My name is Jamie Cole. Let me tell you all a little bit about myself. I was born in Atlanta, GA many years ago. Now I reside in New York City. I really enjoy reading books, traveling to different places, and health/fitness related topics. Those are the main things that I enjoy but I am interested in a wide array of things. I love anything and everything about technology. Come on, how can you not? Look at the world that we live in now. Technology┬áis such a huge part of it so I can’t help but love it too. But my real passion is to travel around and talk with authors from around the country. You get the best of both worlds. One you get to talk with a talented writer. And also you then get to experience the culture from where they live. You would be surprised how many differences there are from different regions of our great country in which in we live in. From the way we talk to the types of foods that we eat. Even to the type of technologies that are popular to that region. But as you can see I will be talking a lot about food, fitness, and life in general here. I really hope that you enjoy your time spent here!

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