Consider Finding Inspiration on Two Wheels

Sometimes a notebook and the open road is all you need to write an incredible story. Whether your goal is a change of scenery or a search for inspiration, taking to the highway on a motorcycle in search of new locales can spark that inner creativity and help bring your ideas to life.

Perhaps you may find yourself in a small diner in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. A man sits in the corner, sipping his coffee and staring out the window. What is he thinking? What is he remembering? Sure, you can get here by car, but a motorcycle makes the experience far more memorable.

Let’s take a look at what is required before you hit the road on your two-wheeled wonder in search of new stories to tell.

Getting Legal

Acquiring a license to ride a motorcycle isn’t all that different from getting license to drive a car. It takes a bit of studying, a bit of practice and maybe a course, if you feel you need it. Not too different from writing, if you think about it.

What is required varies from state to state. Some states allow you to completely bypass any sort of practical exam by taking a motorcycle safety course. Others doesn’t even require that, simply necessitating the completion of a written exam.

Still, a motorcycle safety course is handy. Taking this will lower your insurance costs and teach you valuable information to keep you safe on the road.

Protecting Yourself

It’s hard to come up with great story ideas if you injure yourself. Well, perhaps that could spawn its own sort of ideas, but getting into a wreck and doing severe damage isn’t a fun thing. There are myriad ways to keep yourself safe, some more stylish than others.

Motorcycle helmets may look awkward, but you should be sure to look for something more comfortable when you make your final decision. And, yes, a helmet is required. Perhaps not legally, in all states, but it is most certainly in your best interest to keep your noggin protected.

For your body, there is special gear to keep you safe. The hard-plastic stuff works, but it isn’t very nice to look at. What you probably want, especially if you’re off seeking grand ideas, is leather. Bikers don’t just wear leather because it looks good, they wear it because it is a great way to keep from doing permanent damage should you fall off your bike.

A leather jacket, a helmet and, if you’re feeling extra awesome, some leather chaps to go over jeans will keep you looking good and feeling safe in the event of an accident.

Choosing Your Ride

There are two basic types of motorcycles, though those have additional subtypes. First up, you’ve got your sports bikes. These are those models you’ve likely seen which come in bright colors, look somewhat plastic and zoom past you with a high-pitched engine sound.

These are designed for speed and, if I’m being honest, for looking flashy. They’re not bad if speed is your thing, but I think the burgeoning author is going to want to spring for the second type of motorcycle, the cruiser.

The cruiser is your more classic look. I’m not necessarily talking about something like a Harley-Davidson, which is super loud and often has you sitting far away from the handlebars. While they are considered a cruiser, they’re just far too loud for anything creative, in my opinion.

For my money, I like a motorcycle that allows you to sit somewhat high, letting you be able to be comfortable while also being able to survey the landscape as you roll by. This, to me, is a great way to find inspiration and to be able to start to tell a story only you can tell.