Healthy eating????

junk foodHow many times in your life have you ever heard someone talk about going or being on some kind of diet? Oh man if I only had a nickel for every time right? Well, I can sit here and tell you to try all these fad diets and I promise that you will get short term results. And you will get them fast too. Why may you ask? Well, your body is very good at adapting to change. Think of summer time. When you get out in the sun what happens to your skin? It gets darker right? The more you are out there in the light and the longer the more that your skin will adapt to the sunlight. Well, eating is very similar. If all you eat is junk food 24/7 and then starts eating whole foods your body will adjust and adopt to that too.

Whenever someone ask how to eat healthy or what is healthy eating I first like to know what is there goal that they are wanting. Now like many people out there all I wanted was to have the six pack abs and biceps. But now I’m all about the bass no tremble. Just kidding. I more about being healthy overall. Whenever you do a long term fad diet your body will suffer. And suffering is never a good thing right? Doesn’t sound good to me. Because the person whole is 6 percent body fat may not be as healthy as the guy who is 25 percent fat going to eat some DQ.

Now I’m not saying that you have to be a little chubby to be healthy or ripped up like a Greek god either. Lets really think about this. Does a professional bodybuilder look like a really healthy person to you? Um well, not to me he doesn’t. That being said does someone who weighs 300 pounds and eats Little Debbie cakes nonstop look healthy either? No! There needs to be a balance between the two obviously. Working out all the time and eating just lean meats and veggies isn’t the healthy way to live. Even though mainstream media tells you that is how it should be. I do think that eating all that is good but not all the time. Your body needs a little bit of junk food from time to time. Why do you think there are so many diets out there that have a “refeed” day?

Just a little food for thought. So eat junk? Don’t eat junk? Eat only whole foods? Well, I once heard a very wise man say everyone out there that eats only kale needs a little junk food in their life. And all the junk food junkies need a little a kale in their lives too.

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