How My Gout Attack Led Me To Avail Funeral Insurance

As I read back on my choice of title for this article, I am enlightened that it has, by far, the scariest title, among all my blog post.

What can I say? A scared soul holds nothing in and lets everything out.

So, I was in my usual “in-the-zone” moment, staring into walls and suddenly typing whatever pops into my brain. This is how I start off on writing a new story for a book. I just let it flow and just space out from my reality, and enter another world, purely made up of my imagination.

Suddenly, felt pain in my knuckles. I have been feeling that sensation for quite some time already, and I thought it was just fatigue. However, that particular moment, the pain just seared through and it was unbearable for a moment.

Then for the next hour, the pain would come and go like an indecisive woman. I just could not handle it anymore that I went to see a a doctor.

Turns out, I had gout. Yes, Gout.

I did my little research and here are a few things I found out:

Gout comes from the Latin and old French words gutta and gote respectively, both meaning “drop”. This etymology does not run far from what gout is. Gout is the “dropping” of uric acid deposits into the joints of the body as they circulate through the blood. When these deposits accumulate into a significant amount and forms needle-like structures called urates, gout attacks start and the pain begins.

Most of the time, the first attack of gout happens in the joint of the big toe. However, these attacks can occur in all other jointed areas of the body, including the ankles, the knees, the elbows, the fingers, the heels, the wrist and even the pelvic area for severe cases.

As I dig deeper, finding out causes of gout and how I could prevent it in the future, I came across a study on its mortality rate, and I just got scared.

I know there are a lot of things that can cause death, but for some reason, my kind of gout, as diagnosed by my doctor, just seemed too scary for other regular gouts. Add the fact that it rarely occurs on women, yet it occurred to me.

In that spur of the moment, scared for my life, I ended up from browsing gout to browsing on insurances, so that I can have options to compare health insurance policies with.

I checked out some websites, searching for the health insurance that does not spell “scam” across their terms and fine prints. I finally got into Aussie Insurance Critic, where their name and reputation as insurance critics, has made them all the more favorable candidate for claiming insurances.

I called them, I inquired, and ended up availing all kinds of insurances for very reasonable rates, including funeral insurance.

You all might think it’s funny how things escalated rather quickly, but I know I won’t be laughing in the long run when all of it pays off for me.

I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I recommend you do the same. Especially if you have been having gout, or any other form of illness for that matter. Because I tell you, starting your preparations now for a shakedown with future illnesses is a great advantage.

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