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Seeing Something Unique and Beautiful in Ordinary Things

Image Credit: bekcraved.com
Image Credit: bekcraved.com

I travel around the world to experience the many wonderful things that it has to offer. I go to famous tourist spots, and I also go to places that people think have nothing unique and wonderful to offer because they are just places full of tall buildings and all that ordinary urban feel that are common even in movies. People think that just because it is an ordinary city, there is nothing worth visiting in it.

Given how unpredictable things could be, people should know that there are still some things that you can enjoy even when you go visit the most common looking places.

Hence, when you go to a place where tourists don’t frequent, and you go in search for something unique and wonderful that the place has to offer, chances are even higher that you could find something unique, because it has not been commercialized or publicly spoken about. Simply put, sometimes, the most obscure or hidden places are the real pearls of destinations.

Appreciating the world is not just about appreciating nature and places and food. It also means seeing the beauty of the people. Even when a place is not famous, but the people are very wonderful and warm, then it should be a fun place to visit, still. They may not have pyramids or an ancient palace, but having warm people makes it as beautiful and tourist attractive as any other place could possibly be.

Simple pleasures in life are important for one to appreciate that there is so much more than what is publicly appreciated. Sometimes, people forget the people and things behind the big picture. Kind of like how we forget the producers and people behind a movie, because we only remember the actors. Kind of like how we forget the co-pilot of the pilot. Also just as much as we miss out on the importance of the drummer because we are too busy praising the vocalist.

Another example is on how we miss out on applauding and taking time to appreciate the benefits of the internet. We use it so commonly in our everyday lives that we tend to overlook just how big a help it has given us. It feels so natural and it feels like the internet has always been there that at times, we forget to take the time to see how far it has helped us.

We can only appreciate it when, for a moment or so, we suddenly lose internet connection. Realization of its importance only comes when we were deprived of it. Once the person sees the importance, that will be the only time that one does whatever means necessary in order to make sure that it disconnection never happens again.

Image Credit: goldfishkiss.com
Image Credit: goldfishkiss.com

I am not saying it’s wrong to forget to value the little things. I am not saying it is wrong to look at the big picture and appreciate what you see. My point is just that, if we take the time to provide even just a little time for the things that are not easily seen out front, we can find little treasures that offer even more than what the famous ones could offer.