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iPhone Unlock: What You Need To Know

To unlock iPhone gadgets can be costly, that is why it is best to make sure that once you strike a deal with a company to unlock your iPhone, you best be critical about it.

I had a recent chat with a friend who loves technology and her iPhone. She always makes it a point to blog about her new gadgets, not just because she wants to impress readers on how she could afford expensive new tech, but because she herself sometimes becomes a victim of different scams and fraudulent activities that supposedly involve new ways of “improving” gadgets for “free.”

As a means of imparting the lessons she had to learn the hard way, she would blog about it and inform as much people as she can. She believes that the more she talks about her gadgets and experiences, the more people can be informed.

The latest encounter she had was when she came across a site that offered to unlock iPhone networks. She was ecstatic, because she has been planning to switch service provider, but her iPhone 4 is “locked,” therefore, she can’t  actually change provider that easily.

The site that claims to unlock iPhone gadgets  offer a “cheaper” price. Her desire to have her phone unlocked overpowered her capability to review everything first before jumping into the deal.

So, she had her phone undergo the process for iPhone unlocking and just waited. When she got it back, it was working fine at first. Until after 3 days, the phone won’t recognize her new number. Apparently, the “experts” who unlocked her phone, did not do a very good job. When she tried to complain, they just told her that she’ll have to pay the fee again if she wants the work re-done.

In the end, the encounter was a waste of money. She was so hooked and happy because it was cheaper, only to end up spending for nothing, which is worse than spending more for a better service.

To comfort her from the awful feeling of being scammed, I gave her a link to a site that list iPhone unlocking experts who could actually get the job done right. She chose one that the blog rated the highest, and after a couple of days, she got her iPhone back, no more problems.

When you are in the Internet and you search for legitimate services, it is very difficult to directly put your faith in the first page that pops out the search. There are lots of ways to get people to believe that a site is legitimate and there is no stopping their capacity to do that. What we can do is be more vigilant about it, which my friend had to learn the hard way.

Her story is already up on her blog and a lot of people who came across it are thanking her for warning fellow internet users, as well as for providing the same link I gave her.

Hopefully, more people become more wary about who to trust in the internet, and to be more responsible when it comes to handling gadgets. These things do not come cheap, and it would be such a waste of resources to ruin your gadget because of bad investment.

How Technology Helps in Cleaning Homes

imagesThere are next best things to a self-cleaning house that may help you do your job easily. These things are all powered up with the latest technology could offer and they will definitely make everything easy. Although these things will make your life easier, there might be a need for you to maintain it well to make these technology work at its best. There are self-propelling housecleaners offered today that will provide everything you need in cleaning your house. These housecleaners are iRobot and Neato. These cleaners will make your home free from dust and dirt and you can live a comfortable life with it.

iRobot’s Roomba cleaner is now recognized to be one of the best housecleaners today in the market. It revolutionized its power to automatically clean your house with the controls you provide it. It is now the number one automatic technology in the cleaning industry. Such device can clean from one room to another no matter how little this device is. It can vacuum different walls, floors, carpets and even walls in just few minutes.

As year goes by, it becomes more and more powerful and light to use. The device is known to contain enough amount of dust in the bag for you to maximize its job to clean the house. This is one of the technologies that can clean your house.

images (1)

Cleaning your homes is a must and you must always remember to put this number one in your list to have a clean and comfortable life.