Top Author Interviews

Below are excerpts from an interview with one of our top authors, Patricia Hall. She’s been writing for 5 years and is one of our veteran writers.

Interviewer: Do I call you Patricia or Patty?

Patricia: Patricia is fine. Or Pat. No one calls me Patty yet. (giggles)

Interviewer: Okay Pat. So how long have you been writing for Author Interviews?

Patricia: 5 years and six months to be exact. And up until now, I am still surprised why I’m here.

Interviewer: Oh? Why is that?

Patricia: I guess it’s because I never realized that I’ll become a writer. I never would have guessed that writing could be this so much fun. I mean, come on. Writing used to be extremely boring when we were kids. I remembered crying because my tutor wouldn’t stop bugging me in creating my essay assignment. Flash twenty years later, I see him again and he confessed that the reason he did that was because I had the talent for writing.

Interviewer: Cool. So when exactly did you start writing as a career.

Patricia: It was back in June of 2010. I just got a divorce and I was trying my best to raise my three beautiful daughters on my own. Working from out of the house was not working, so I started looking for options. And behold, here I am, working as a top writer.

Interviewer: If I were to ask you, what topics are you very good at?

Patricia: Home improvement, gardening, and parenting tips. I guess it’s because it’s what I have been striving to be good at.

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